Jennite Company History

Jennite Company has been a preferred contractor in the Toledo area for over 70 years. It all started with Cliff Schoen as a sewer and paving contractor in the 1940’s. He later became the first distributor for Jennite sealer in the eastern half of the United States. In the 1950’s as road construction shifted from brick to asphalt pavements, Jennite continued to grow, providing high quality commercial and residential asphalt all over Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan.

Since those days, the Jennite Company has remained a strong family business, run for many years by Bob Wheeler, Sr. All of Bob’s 10 children played integral roles in the growth of the business during the 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s. For the last twenty plus years, sons Bob, Jr. and Tom have been continuing the legacy of their father and grandfather.

Last Summer Bob, Jr. retired. Tom, as sole owner, has since been joined in the business by his nephew, Kevin O’Connell. Together they plan on continuing to offer the same professionalism and personal attention that the Toledo area has come to know from the Jennite Company.

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